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No children injured in runaway school bus

Imagine being a passenger on a school bus that has lost control, and you don't know why. Now, imagine the same scenario but instead it's your young child on that bus. That was the scary scene in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Wednesday when due to a medical emergency, the driver of a school bus lost control with children on board. Likewise, a local sheriff's deputy first noticed the out of control bus when they noticed the driver bobbing and weaving in and out of traffic; the deputy alerted upcoming traffic down the road.

During the ordeal, the driver was traveling about 40 miles per hour, almost flipped the bus, and drove through a ditch, yet somehow maintained control of the vehicle. Overall the wild ride lasted about 14 minutes, and the driver traveled about five miles in distance before the bus was stopped. Miraculously no other vehicles were involved, and luckily no children were injured during the ride.

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