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MO woman ran over by estranged husband

Imagine being run over by a car only to find out it was by your husband that hit you. Likewise, a Franklin County, Missouri woman is having a hard time remembering the events that led up to the violent outburst by her estranged husband. Rebecca Fitzgerald had been separated from her husband James for several months when he approached her at a local gas station. Surprised by the altercation in public, Rebecca quickly got back in her car, and from to a nearby lot to turn around, but James followed her. Next James got in Rebecca's car stating he just wanted to talk.

In addition, James took Rebecca's keys out of the ignition, and threw them across the parking lot. Sadly, as Rebecca exited her car and walked across the parking lot to get her keys, that's when James ran her over in his vehicle. As a result Rebecca was knocked out, but was able to drive home after she regained consciousness where she called friends and the police. Later in the day James was involved in a standoff with Franklin County police where he was eventually detained.

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