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Driver of stolen car crashes in Oregon

One woman in Eugene, Oregon found herself the victim of a carjacking early Monday morning, after she started her car in her driveway. Shortly after, the woman saw someone drive off in her running vehicle. Likewise, the woman's cell phone was left in the vehicle, and was later used as a tracking device to find the car. In addition, when the driver saw an officer trying to stop him, he drove through a yard, and due to high speed, crashed at the intersection of 18th and Lawrence.

Unfortunately the driver also hit two other vehicles when he crashed the car at the intersection. Of the two vehicles involved in the crash, only one person was injured, yet is expected to make a full recovery. 32-year-old, Joseph Lee Umphrey was arrested at the scene for stealing the woman's car. Umphrey is now charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle, elude by vehicle, elude by foot, driving while suspended felony, hit and run felony, reckless driving, among a slew of other charges stemming from the incident; other charges may also be pending.

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