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Deadly risks of blood thinners

The Holidays are supposed to be a fun time of year for everyone, but one family's Christmas was ruined due to a popular drug, which caused havoc on their festive time of year. Likewise, a one Boston woman and her family missed Christmas festivities due to an almost deadly side effect of a new age blood thinner. The Christmas tree was up, and the house was decorated, but something was off that year for one family member, the mom. The woman didn't fall, or bump her head yet she was having a terrible headache as though her temples were being screwed into a vice. The woman was told she had a sinus infection, and to simply take an antibiotic and pain killers, but that wasn't the case; she had a brain bleed, which landed her in the ICU on Christmas.

The woman had been on Coumadin for years, and was recently switched to a new one. She was either on Pradaxa or Xarelto at the time of her hospital stay, both, which do not require blood monitoring. Likewise, both new age drugs do not have an antidote to stop bleeding episodes, which Coumadin does offer. Sadly, the woman had to have a major surgery to stop her bleeding because no special antidote was available; she had a bilateral subdural hematoma.

Both Pradaxa and Xarelto are worth over $10 billion per year, yet these drugs have led to many deaths due to bleeding since they were unveiled in 2011. Furthermore, in 2011, 542 deaths were linked to Pradaxa opposed to only 72 deaths related to Warfarin. Currently, there are many nationwide Xarelto lawsuits mounting due to uncontrollable bleeding episodes, which have caused serious harm or death.

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