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Brachial Plexus Injuries: No Child Should Suffer

When a woman is pregnant and receiving prenatal care, many don't anticipate having difficulties during delivery and labor. In addition, many children are becoming injured during birth due to medical negligence. Likewise, it is well known in the medical field that induced labor often carries an increased risk of shoulder dystocia in children. Additionally, one mother from Georgia underwent an induction with the aid of the drug, Pitocin, which left her child with a traction injury to the nerve roots due to complications.

The injury occurred after an issue with the baby's fetal heart rate, in which a vacuum assisted vaginal delivery was deemed necessary. As a result, the baby suffered shoulder dystocia, and a complete tearing of the C8 nerve root. The baby has since had surgery for the brachial plexus injury, which included nerve transfers, grafts, and will also need intensive physical therapy. Sadly, the baby will never have use of their arm, or have any sensations due to the doctor's negligence.

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