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Laundry detergent "pods" sicken children

A popular detergent brand designed for parental ease has turned into a hazard for those with young children. Likewise, the laundry that has been causing the damage is made by Proctor & Gamble and is labeled under Tide laundry detergent in easy to use “pods.”The problem lies within the fact that the pods easily resemble candy or juice to young children. Thus, many of the children who were affected are between the ages of one and two; old enough to be mobile, yet too young to understand dangers. On average between 2012-2013, a child a day was sent to the hospital from ingestion of the pods. Additionally, over 17,000 calls were made to the poison control center for the pods that roughly meant it was a call each hour over two years.

Although ingesting any laundry detergent can be harmful, for some reason Tide pods seem to do more damage. Often the symptoms of ingestion include vomiting, coughing, and rarely, coma, seizure, and difficulty breathing. Moreover, over 100 children had to be placed on ventilators after eating pods, and sadly one child has died thus far. Since the rise in such tragic events related to the detergent, the manufacturer has changed the packaging to make it less desirable to young children. Furthermore, although packaging changes have seemed to help decline the number of ingestions, there still are calls coming in because, unfortunately, no pod is completely child proof. Until then, it is highly suggested for all parents to keep cleaning products under lock and key, and away from curious children.

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