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Famous People who have died in a car crash

Adrian Adonis
Ahna Capri
Alan Crosland
Alan J. Pakula
Albert C. Barnes
Albert Camus
Aldo Rossi
Alex Raymond
Alper Balaban
Amy Gillett
Andrea Pininfarina
Andrei Amalrik
Andy DeMize
Andy Kirby
Antoni Gaudíí/476345
Antonio Martínín-velasco/3791835
Art Longsjo
Audrey Lindvall
Aykut Barka
Barack Obama Sr.
Ben Alexander
Berry Oakley
Bessie Smith
Billy Laughlin
Billy Martin
Billy Walker
Bingo Gazingo
Bob Clark
Bob Gassoff
Brandon deWilde
Brent Liles
Byron Preiss
Carol Willis
César Manriqueésar-manrique/694657
Charles Butterworth
Chhabi Biswas
Chris Bell
Chris von Wangenheim
Clarence White
Claude Ferrier
Claudia Jennings
Clay Regazzoni
Cliff Burton
Clifford Brown
Cornelius Cardew
Cozy Powell
D. Boon
Dale Earnhardt
Darrell Russell
Dave Dalby
David Halberstam
David Ogle
Desmond Llewelyn
Diana, Princess of Wales
Dick Fisk
Diego Corrales
Dodi Fayed
Dorothy Dell
Dottie Rambo
Dottie West
Dražen Petrovićžen-petrović/888197
Duane Allman
Earl Robinson
Eddie Cochran
Eddie Griffin
Ernest Chausson
Ernest Haller
Ernie Kovacs
Eugene Merle
F. W. Murnau
Florence La Badie
Françoise Dorléacçoise-dorléac/1016508
Frank R. Wallace
George Mikhailovich, Count Brasov
George S. Patton
Gilles Villeneuve
Giuseppe Farina
Grace Kelly
Greg Moore
Grigore Vieru
Harry Chapin
Heather Bratton
Helen Chenoweth-Hage
Helmut Newton
Henri Paul Chauffeur
Henry Pearson
Herb Brooks
Isadora Duncan
Italo Svevo
J. G. Parry-Thomas
J. Stuart Blackton
Jack Johnson
Jackson Pollock
James Dean
James Fisher
James Weldon Johnson
Janice Nicolich
Jared Nathan
Jayne Mansfield
Jean Robic
Jean-Pierre Monseréé/1275752
Jennifer Syme Actor
Jerry Rubin
Jesse Belvin
Jessica Savitch
Jochen Rindt
Joe Don Looney
Joe Ranft
John E. Mack
John Gardner
John O'Quinn
John Wooldridge
Johnny Horton
Junior Durkin
Junkyard Dog
Jure Robicč/1336579
Justin Mentell
Kay Baxter
Keith Godchaux
Ken Kifer
Kim McLagan
Lamont Bentley
Larry Soderquist
Lauri Aus
Linda Lovelace
Lisa Lopes
Louis Lomax
Lucien Ballard
Lucien Petit-Breton
Maksym Pashayev
Malcolm Kennedy
Malik Sealy
Marc Bolan
Margaret Mitchell
Marie-Christine Gessinger
Marjorie White
Martin Gilks
Mel Ott
Melanie Lomax
Michael Hedges
Michael Ventris
Mike Hawthorn
Mike Muuss Programmer
Monisha Unni
Moshoeshoe II of Lesotho
Nathanael West
Nicola Trussardi
Oscar Taveras
Paul Eells
Paul Jarrico
Paul Walker
Pete Conrad
Pierre Curie
Pio H. Laporte
Randy Savage
Rev. Timothy Wright
Rich Mullins
Richard Fariñaña/1904269
Richard Thomas
Richie Powell
Robin Spry
Rodney Robert Porter
Roger Delgado
Roland Barthes
Ryan Dunn
Saifur Rahman
Sam Kinison
Sameera Moussa
Scott LaFaro
Seymour Cray
Shankar Nag
Stefan Bellof
Steve Allen
Steven Stayner
Stiv Bators
T. E. Lawrence
Thomas C. Coffin
Thomas D. Schall
Thomas Francis Smith
Thomas Gomez
Tim Choate
Tim Horton
Tom Mix
Victor L. Berger
Viktor Tsoi
Willem van Otterloo
William Grant, Lord Grant
Wolfgang Reitherman
Yves Arman