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Undisclosed Meningitis Law Suit in Settlement for 25 Million

In Salem Virginia, the family of a deceased Virginia native settled a 25 million dollar claim against a medical clinic in Roanoke, VA. The law suit, filed in 2012 against Insight Imagined, claimed that the deceased male was injected with a steroid shot infected with meningitis, under allegedly false pretenses that patients were being injected with a safe name brand drug, as opposed to a generic substitute.

There are three forms of meningitis—bacterial, fungal, and viral.

Bacterial meningitis is an extremely serious illness that if otherwise untreated can lead to death or permanent brain damage in a matter of hours. Bacterial meningitis can occur as a result of several bacteria. Streptococcyuspneumoniae or "pneumococcus" and Neisseria meningitidis or "meningococcus" are the most common bacterial causes of meningitis in children and adults in the United States.

Viral meningitis can be caused by a variety of different viruses and is more common than the bacterial form as well most of the time less serious. Cases of viral meningitis are substantially less likely to result in permanent brain damage and most infected individuals recover completely.

Fungal meningitis is far less common than either bacterial or viral meningitis. Fungus-related meningitis rarely manifests in healthy individuals. Rather, it is more common among individuals with suffering from suppressed immune systems, for example, like a person infected with the AIDS virus.

While anyone can develop any of these types of meningitis, research has shown higher rates of meningitis in children under the age of five, adolescents between the age of 16-25, and adults over the age of 55.

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