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Is a driverless car a good or bad idea?

Days before Christmas, Good announced a new car that seems like something out of the future, and no it's not a flying car...yet. On the contrary, it is the first, smart car that will be able to drive itself. Furthermore, the driverless car will offer the economy and environment many advantages as well. Of course although a car that drives itself poses many advantages, especially to the person who owns it, some are much more skeptical. For instance, in the event of a crash, how could it be determined if it were human or computer error? Also, what would happen if the computer were hijacked or frozen while in route? As you can see, the questions and possibilities are endless.

Thus far, California is the first state to allow the self-driving cars on the road, and should be seen out and about by the end of next year. Additionally, although many question the reliability of the cars, UCLA computer science professor, Mario Gerla states, "The car does not get distracted," which is an excellent point. Overall, the driverless car will also help improve the environment because it will be highly efficient, and will be able to use alternative forms of energy to run. Also, it will help make transportation cheaper and easier to those living in more urban areas.

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