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Scooter Driver Dies on Highway

Last night, on Monday, August 18th, 2014, a young man died in a motor-vehicle accident. The twenty-nine year-old man was driving a 2012 Tizhou Scooter. Allegedly, he was driving his scooter at a slow speed, or even stopped, along a highway in Taney County. A thirty-seven year old man driving a Jeep Cherokee struck the scooter from behind. The man driving the Jeep was wearing a seat belt, and his injury status was not disclosed. The twenty-nine year old man was wearing a helmet, but was pronounced dead at the scene. His family was notified and his body was taken to a funeral home in nearby Branson, MO.

This is the 63rd fatality in 2014 just for Troop D of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Missouri law requires the highest standard of care while driving for the purpose of preventing tragedies such as this. Perhaps the driver of the Jeep breached his duty to operate his vehicle with the highest standard of care by not seeing the scooter or failing to safely pass. Perhaps the scooter driver was driving on a type of road his vehicle was not allowed on and was partially to blame for the accident. More investigation would need to occur for any type of litigation to move forward. As it stands, incidents like this remind our community of the dangers of driving and the importance to operate motor vehicles with as much care as possible.

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