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Former Strippers File Class Action Lawsuit against Strip Clubs

Former Strippers File Class Action Lawsuit against Strip Clubs

Three former strippers have filed a class action lawsuit against several New York strip clubs. These strippers claim they were cheated out of minimum wage while they worked at the strip club. Instead, the strippers had to rely on tips from patrons of the strip clubs. According to the plaintiffs' attorney, the class action could have nearly 1,000 plaintiffs and reach an award of $10 million dollars in back-pay. The suit comes after a federal judge held that strip clubs must pay performers minimum wage because the club micromanages dancers thus making the dancers more like employees and less like independent contractors.

Although this is an out of the ordinary wage discrimination suit, the law requires employees be paid a minimum wage. Many employers are labeling employees as independent contractors to get around paying minimum wage and other benefits employees receive. The law allows businesses to hire independent contractors, but companies cannot dictate the work or micromanage the contractor. Independent contractors have to be free to make their own decisions regarding their work. Otherwise, the independent contractor is an employee who is not receiving the benefits he or she deserves. As companies are trying to tighten their belts, they cannot accomplish this by violating minimum wage laws. As this suit demonstrates, those who violate minimum wage laws could face serious penalties and be forced to pay back-wages to their employees.

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