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What Should You Do if You Are Involved in an Auto Accident?

Auto accidents are an everyday occurrence. Some accidents are minor fender-benders that require minimal explanation, but others are more complicated and can include injuries. It is important to know what you should do if you find yourself on the side of the road after an accident occurs.

Step 1: Safety First

The first thing that a party to an auto accident should do after the accident is to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Apply your hazards immediately. This will signal others drivers and protect against a distracted driver coming along and making the accident worse. If there are injuries with the accident, get those injured parties to safety if the injuries appear to be minor. If those injuries look remotely serious, leave that injured person in place. The reason for leaving an injured party in place if a head, neck, or back injury was sustained, moving it could worsen the injury. If no one is injured or the injuries are minor, ensure everyone is safely away from the crash site. Then call emergency responders.

Step 2: Documentation

After everyone is in a safe location, you should begin documenting the scene. Typically, police officers will make a report once they get on the scene. However, this doesn't preclude you from taking photographs with your camera or phone and subscribing what happened. Documentation is important because it can be used later to show who was the negligent party in the accident. Write down what you were doing prior to the accident, who was with you, the time, and the weather. Be as thorough as possible. Write down everything you heard or saw. When police arrive, let them know you have been documenting the scene, and allow those responders an opportunity to review your notes. Remember to keep possession of those notes because they can easily get lost if you hand them over to a police officer. Once a police officer arrives, this is the time to exchange information.

If you begin feeling injured after an accident, which is common, document those pains or injuries. Keep a running total of any doctor's visits and bills associated with those visits including receipts of those visits. These injuries could include anxiety, tight or sore muscles, and an inability to sleep. Nothing is too small to document. If you believe the other party was at fault, it is important to speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as practical. Personal injury attorneys will be able to evaluate your claim and assist you in recovering any damages as a result of the accident.

Step 3: If Seriously Injured, Contact Meyerkord, Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC

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