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Suit Settles over Shackling of a Woman to a Bed during Delivery

Suit Settles over Shackling of a Woman to a Bed during Delivery

Nashville authorities have settled a suit filed on behalf of an illegal immigrant. The woman was caught by authorities in Nashville, and it was determined she was in the country illegally. While being detained and awaiting expulsion, the woman went into labor. Authorities took the woman to the hospital, but shackled her to the hospital bed during the delivery. She filed suit against those officials for confining her. A judge found that those Nashville officials violated the woman's rights by chaining her to the bed during the delivery, and the court awarded the woman $1.2 million. However, an appellate court reduced that award by half. The woman will be entitled to receive $500,000 minus attorney's fees. According to the Nashville authorities, they were following protocols. However, the city no longer chains women to beds as a result of this case according to one official. The City has responded by calling the plaintiff's attorney "vultures," and one city official said that he hated to settle the case. However, he felt it was in the best interest of the tax payers.

Here, the woman alleged a civil rights violation against the city. A judge ruled in her favor which naturally upset the other side. However, consider having to go through one of the most difficult tasks a woman can go through all the while being chained to a bed. Imagine the pressure doctors were under having to assist the woman, and consider the possibility for mishaps because of those restraints.

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