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North Carolina Drinking Water Contaminated By Coal Plant

North Carolina Drinking Water Contaminated By Coal Plant

A coal power plant in North Carolina has contaminated the drinking water of 400 residents. The plant owned by Duke Energy has placed arsenic and other chemicals into the drinking water of these residents according to one report. The company has agreed to $2.5 million to bring clean water to those affected. However, this payment will likely be a drop in the bucket if these residents decide to bring a class action suit against the company. According to citizen advocacy groups, Duke Energy only announced plans to assist resident in the area after the groups threatened suit against the company. The company has now asked that officials in the area never use seventeen square miles of land because the contamination is so great. Duke Energy is the largest energy producer in the United States according to its own website.

Environmental contamination is one of the scariest hazards to residents affected. When ground waters are contaminated, the contamination can go undetected for years. This allows residents to ingest chemicals that can be life threatening. Moreover even when these contaminations are detected residents face an uphill battle placing the blame on a negligent company. The reason is simple. Companies have a tremendous amount of resources and can fight legal battles for years. Residents might not have that kind of time, especially if those residents are being poisoned. The federal and state governments are supposed to be protecting the citizens from these types of contaminations. However, energy companies have strong lobbyists at every level of government, and this is a problem for residents trying to show a particular company made them ill. Therefore, citizens need a private advocate to ensure their rights are being protected, and person injury attorneys can and do help.

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