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Couple Files Suit over Sexually Transmitted Disease Misdiagnosis, Trial Set

Couple Files Suit over Sexually Transmitted Disease Misdiagnosis, Trial Set

An Alabama couple has filed suit against a county jail's health care provider. The suit claims the provider misdiagnosed the man who was being held by the jail with a sexually transmitted disease. This misdiagnosis forced the man's wife to take medications which had an adverse effect on the woman. The complaint alleges the man was forced to undergo blood testing which came back positive for syphilis while the man was in custody. Authorities forced the man to call his wife who was not in custody and tell her to get tested at the health clinic. She received treatment for syphilis, but it was later discovered that neither the man nor the woman had syphilis. The couple brought this suit against the health care provider for those false readings.

It is unclear what the damages in the case will be. The complaint alleges the wife suffered adverse effects from the medication, but it is not clear what those effects are. This case is set for trial, and it appears unlikely a settlement will be reached before the litigation starts. The healthcare provider claims the appropriate protocols were followed with the testing.

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