Head Injuries

Serious Cranial Damage

One of the worst possible injuries that someone can sustain is a cranial head injury. If you were injured on the job and sustained a serious concussion, brain trauma, hemorrhaging, or other head-related injury, then you deserve representation! Head injuries can lead to serious, long-term effects such as memory loss, paralysis, and sometimes even death. If you have been hurt, or a loved one is suffering as a victim of a work-related head injury, then it is imperative that you seek the medical attention and financial compensation needed to recover.

Head injuries can include concussions from blunt force trauma, impact, or from the brain being vigorously shaken. This common injury may occur in a slip and fall accident or from being hit in the head with a falling object and is often accompanied by scalp wounds and skull fractures. These injuries can usually be avoided with proper training, safety precautions, and by having safety equipment available to every employee who is on a potentially dangerous jobsite. Failure on the part of the employer to properly provide these necessary safety precautions can result in major injuries and sometimes the death of innocent workers.

You deserve representation!

After an accident, one of the first things that you should consider is evaluating the compensation that you need to help pay for medical coverage, treatment, and to supplement you during the time that you cannot work. The best possible way to go about procuring this financial compensation is by retaining the representation of a dedicated lawyer from Meyerkord & Meyerkord. At our firm, we understand that this time in your life may be stressful and we aim to help reduce that stress by aggressively fighting the wrongful party and helping you obtain the highest amount of compensation available. We provide free case evaluations to all potential clients, so do not hesitate to contact us today!