Appealing a Claim Denial

Can I fight a denial of workers' comp?

Workers' compensation is a legally mandated insurance system intended to pay 100% of any medical treatment needed by a worker whose injuries or disability is caused by or occurs while on their job. The rules and regulations governing workers' compensation are complicated and vary from state to state. If your application for workers' compensation benefits has been denied, it is important to get experienced legal representation. At Meyerkord & Meyerkord, we will review your application and the denial to see what can be done. Even if your claim has been denied, you are entitled to have someone that can stand up for your rights and take the legal steps in an appeal.

Claims are denied for a variety of reasons, such as in cases when it is claimed that the injury was not clearly work related or that it is believed that the injury is less serious than the injured victim is claiming. The paperwork and documentation necessary to have your claim accepted can lead to errors or a failure to submit proper documentation to support your claim for benefits. We have years of experience in thoroughly documenting workers' compensation injuries and accidents and submitting on behalf of injured workers or their families. We understand what is required and we are committed to protect your rights and to help you in every way possible to get the medical and financial assistance you deserve.

Getting the Assistance of an Attorney

If your workers' compensation claim is denied, our legal team can submit an appeal on your behalf and take the steps necessary to appeal the denial of benefits. Our legal team has years of experience in successfully resolving matters related to denied benefits for our clients throughout the St. Louis area. We are committed to seeking a fair resolution for injured workers who have had their claim denied. If you need assistance, contact Meyerkord & Meyerkord today to speak with our dedicated legal team.