Benefits of Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation is intended to make up for the loss you have suffered due to an accident or injury on the job. Chapter 287 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri contains the workers' compensation laws of our state. These laws state your obligations and rights, and the rights and obligations of your employer should you be injured, have an accident or get an occupational disease or injury. The intent of the workers' comp laws is to protect the worker and their dependents against the cost of medical expense and loss of wages resulting from an injury, accident or fatality related that took place at work.

Any business of five or more employees must, per the law, purchase insurance coverage or become authorized as a self-insured employer. If the law works as written you can receive medical and financial benefits you are entitled to in exchange for forfeiting your right to sue your employer. Unfortunately things do not always go as planned and the help of a caring, professional attorney from our firm may be of great benefit to you and your family during a time of pain and stress. At Meyerkord & Meyerkord, we want to assist you to get the compensation you deserve.

Filing a Claim

If you have been injured at work the injury must be promptly reported to your employer with full information on the injury and what occurred. Keep copies of anything that you report for your own files and for the use of your workers' compensation attorney. It is an unfortunate fact that some employers and insurance companies will try to block, reduce or deny benefits in many valid injury cases. When this occurs your claim can become complex and troubling without the help of attorneys who know the Missouri laws and who are willing to fight for your rights.

You may be entitled to medical treatment both now and in the future for your injury.Your lost wages and future financial losses must be fully evaluated and addressed in your claim for benefits.Payments or a lump sum settlement may be due to you if you now have a permanent disability due to your injury or are unable to work in any type of employment due to the work related injury.We are a family oriented firm that feels that you and your dependents should receive the full compensation that is deserved. We are committed to our clients and their families and relentlessly protect their right to fair compensation benefits and settlements.Contact our firm today to schedule a free case evaluation.