Delivery Truck Accidents

Every year, thousands of fatal accidents involving commercial vehicles occur. Even those who have the fortune to survive a truck accident will commonly be left with life-changing catastrophic injuries. The size and weight of delivery trucks, combined with the loads that they carry, pose significant risks to smaller cars and other passenger vehicles. While we have very enviable road and traffic standards in the United States, it still remains a challenge to share the road with commercial trucks. An impact with a fully loaded delivery vehicle can often render an automobile destroyed, with relatively little damage to the truck or driver. This is true even at the comparatively low speeds on the city and residential streets where St. Louis delivery trucks make their rounds.

The number of FedEx and UPS deliveries each and every day is astronomical. Added to this number are the myriad of other delivery services, including local vendors such as florist vans, food trucks and furniture transport. When a delivery truck accident takes place, the financial and emotional toll can be quite heavy. Dealing with the needs of loved ones can be consuming, and without adequate financial compensation, it can be close to impossible. Fortunately, you can find help in claiming compensation for truck driver negligence by working with the Missouri truck accident lawyers at Meyerkord & Meyerkord.

Additional Information on Delivery and Commercial Trucks

Delivery trucks make their money based on the volume and punctuality of the deliveries. Missing schedules or low volume eats into the company's profit and can even lead to job loss for habitually underperforming truck drivers. This creates an atmosphere of extreme pressure to deliver packages as quickly as possible. Coupled with this pressure is the fact that delivery drivers tend to get used to their routine and will often fail to pay full attention to their duties or may begin to take unnecessary risks on the roads. Speed comes at the cost of safety when corners are cut to make an on-time delivery. Carelessness and negligence are natural consequences of such working conditions. Find out more about your rights after a serious truck accident; call our Missouri truck accident lawyers today to schedule your initial consultation.