Employer vs. Driver Negligence

Who caused your truck accident?

You have been injured in a truck accident and know that it was not your fault. The question that remains is, "Who is responsible for causing the accident?" The answer to this question is important, as it determines how you will proceed with your claim for compensation. In many cases, the truck driver can clearly be demonstrated to be at fault for the collision, but in other cases a careful accident investigation will reveal that the trucking company is responsible. Either way, a Missouri truck accident attorney from Meyerkord & Meyerkord can help you file an injury claim to recover compensation for the losses you have suffered.

When is the trucking company responsible?

When we see semi-trucks out on the freeway or on the roads of St. Louis, we commonly think of the drivers as being fully responsible for the vehicle, but this is not the whole truth. The fact is that the trucking company — the driver's employer — shares the responsibility for ensuring the safe operation of the vehicle. For example, the company may be found to be liable for a failure to maintain the truck or could be held accountable for sending the truck out with an unsecured cargo load. If the company neglected to install underride guards on the back of the truck trailer, this could serve as grounds for legal action over an underride accident. Trucking companies may also be held liable for negligently hiring or retaining unqualified or irresponsible drivers.

Trucker Liability

Truck drivers — just like any other driver — bear a considerable duty to avoid causing accidents. Their vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, which is as much as 40 times more than a passenger automobile. Truckers, however, frequently take outrageous risks through actions such as drinking and driving or using a cell phone to talk or text behind the wheel. Other times, drivers may be at fault for causing accidents through reckless or incompetent driving. The truck driver may cause a jackknife accident by hitting the brakes too hard or could cause a truck rollover by taking the vehicle into a corner at too great of a speed. There are also cases in which the trucker and the employer may share liability, such as if the driver succumbed to pressure to violate the hours of service regulations by driving while fatigued.

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