Cancer Misdiagnosis

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Cancer is a frightening word to hear from the mouth of your physician. This devastating disease can have profound and far-reaching effects on your quality of life, involving prolonged and difficult treatments and adjustments to your lifestyle. Some cancer types have extremely high mortality rates, especially if they are not found early enough to begin successful treatment. When a doctor makes a misdiagnosis of cancer, the emotional trauma, pain and suffering inflicted upon you and your family can be beyond words. If you are going through this difficult time, you should be in contact with a St. Louis personal injury lawyer who can better help you understand your rights to compensation.

Misdiagnosis can have two different aspects, including providing a false positive or a false negative for cancer. For obvious reasons, the false negative has a much more serious impact. When a doctor fails to do the tests and diagnostics necessary to keep you well-informed of your health condition, cancer development can be missed and the crucial window to begin treatment may close. This can greatly reduce chances of survival when a cancer diagnosis is finally made. With modern advances in testing and treatment, the prognosis of cancer continues to improve, and our expectations of a high level of care and attention by our doctors should be met if we take the time for regular and detailed screenings.

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The sad fact of the matter is that a cancer misdiagnosis can lead to the wrongful death of a loved one. Not only is a beloved companion or family member lost to medical malpractice, but also your financial future may be in ruins because of lost wages and medical bills. We at Meyerkord & Meyerkord understand your situation and can provide an intimate and caring level of legal service as you seek compensation for your loss. Our attorneys will work diligently for your interests and for a fair settlement or judgment, so contact us at your earliest convenience to engage in a complimentary consultation.