Incorrect Operation Injuries

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From childhood, we understand the necessity and importance of regular visits to the doctor, even if we don't relish them. Excellent care from a physician is an important part of keeping our bodies healthy and in good working order. When we receive a diagnosis that involves surgery, we expect that when we head into the OR, our surgical team will be well-informed and well-trained in high standards of medical care. Never in our wildest dreams do we imagine an egregious error such as performing the wrong surgery will occur while we are under the knife, putting us at risk of debilitating injury or wrongful death. If an incorrect operation has affected your health or that of a loved one, it is in your best interest to contact a St. Louis personal injury lawyer to find out more about taking legal action.

If you need emergency surgery, the issues surrounding your health are critical and life-threatening. If an incorrect operation is performed due to the haste or lack of preparation by a surgeon, you can end up even worse off than before. Waking up with a missing organ or amputated limb that had nothing to do with your illness or condition can be a nightmarish scenario. Not only do you still need surgery to correct the original problem, but you may now face additional procedures, expenses, and pain to repair the damage of an incorrect operation.

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In this day and age, suffering such an error seems unimaginable, but sadly these mistakes do happen due to understaffing and negligence. Our caring legal team at Meyerkord & Meyerkord understands the importance of your health to your family. We will work tirelessly in your case and seek the damages you deserve for your pain, suffering and high medical bills. Contact us for a consultation!