Dangerous Drug Cases

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Drugs have been manufactured with the intent of helping us heal, overcome the symptoms of whatever our medical condition is. There is an inherent trust that we place on doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and others because we believe they have taken the time to research and test their products before they head to market.

Unfortunately, some drugs can slip through the cracks. Manufacturers do not always have the power to anticipate complications later on down the road. Severe allergic reactions, complications, or worse can and do result from dangerous drugs.

If you have been harmed or experienced worsened health due to your drugs, contact our St. Louis product defect attorneys right away for counsel!

What are some examples?

When we are unaware of the side effects and other hidden dangers of a drug or medication, we take the risk of consuming something that can be even more harmful for us to begin with. For example, one of the most recent cases has involved the drug, Zofran, a drug intended to ease nausea, has been linked to possible birth defects.

Here are some other prominent cases Meyerkord & Meyerkord, LLC have handled:

If you have ever experienced any serious side effects from using any of the above drugs, as well as any other drugs that have been prescribed to you or were purchased over-the-counter, you will need to discuss a treatment plan with your doctor. Consulting with our St. Louis dangerous drugs attorney can also help you recover for the financial burdens that were placed upon you or your family to undo the damage,

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