St. Louis Aviation Accidents Lawyer

An Overview of Aviation Accidents

Between 100-200 aviation accidents occur every year, but the fatality statistics for these accidents is much higher, approximately 1,000-1,500. This is due to the fact that when aviation accidents do occur, it is usually at a very high speed and from a high altitude. While it is statistically safer to travel by air than it is by car, incidents that occur in air travel are much more frequently fatal than those experienced in auto accidents. Aviation accidents can occur due to an almost limitless number of factors, but it is often the case that negligence in some form is to blame. This negligence can be on the part of the pilots, the airline itself, the aircraft's maintenance team, or the flight traffic controllers who determine the flight's course. Whoever is responsible, the victims or their families may be entitled to compensation for the losses they have suffered.

Representing You in an Airplane Accident Claim

If you have sustained injury or lost a family member in an aviation accident, then please do not hesitate to contact a St. Louis aviation accident attorney at our firm today. Our team is ready to assist you in establishing liability in your accident case and may potentially be able to secure compensation for the damages you have incurred. This can include compensation for your medical expenses, your lost income and even your pain and suffering. We are ready to take immediate action on your personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Meyerkord & Meyerkord is a personal injury law firm that helps clients throughout St. Louis in their aviation accidents cases. We provide the thorough and compassionate help to our clients that can only come from a family-oriented law firm. We are a father-and-son team of attorneys and are interested in discussing your case with you. If you have lost a loved one in an airplane accident, or have suffered injury yourself, contact us today and we will get to work on your case to increase your chances of a resolution that sees you fully compensated for your pain and suffering.